Certain workplace practices can destroy employees’ willingness to use their higher cognitive functions, like imagination and trust. This article by H. James Wilson and Kevin Desouza presents four contagions that can prevent a zombie outbreak in your office. Harvard Business Review. October 12, 2010
Babson Executive Education research on trends and practices in corporate innovation finds a striking correlation between higher performance and overt leadership rewards for execution of new ideas. Harvard Business Review. July 22, 2010
Dean Elaine Eisenman and Senior Researcher H. James Wilson highlight a few findings from BEE’s Report on Business Uncertainty: 2010 Global Survey Results. The findings came from perspectives of more than 1,000 executives, managers, and individual contributors worldwide. Harvard Business Review. May 19, 2010
According to a survey conducted by Babson Executive Education and Mzinga, social media technologies are not only useful marketing tools, but an effective way to build customer loyalty. This article by Stephan Dietrich discusses why social technologies are increasingly used for marketing purposes, with promising results. CRM Buyer. April 27, 2010
The pervasive use of experimentation—of acting then reflecting, as opposed to analyzing then acting—distinguishes entrepreneurs from most corporate managers. When it comes to social media, large corporations can learn a lot from this entrepreneurial behavior, according to a Babson Executive Education study of 33 corporate social media programs. Based on this research, Babson Professor P.J. Guinan and Senior Researcher H. James Wilson explain how big firms can successfully adopt entrepreneurial practices. Harvard Business Review. April 21, 2010
This article by Brian Solis describes findings from a study, published by Babson Executive Education and Mzinga, that examined how different business functions are embracing social media. Technorati. March 8, 2010.
Based on data from a Babson Executive Education survey of more than 900 executives, managers and individual contributors, this HBR blog by H. James Wilson describes some noteworthy performance results of companies that have embraced social media. Harvard Business Review. February 25, 2010.
Babson Professor of Management Practice Daniel Isenberg developed this 2-minute test. Harvard Business Review. February 12, 2010.
Senior Researcher and Senior Writer H. James Wilson describes findings from a recent Babson Executive Education study of innovation team leaders at science and engineering-based companies. Harvard Business Review. February 2, 2010.
In this article by Diana Middleton, Dean Elaine Eisenman discusses Babson Executive Education’s custom program capabilities. The Wall Street Journal. January 21, 2010.
Colin Donald describes how Babson Executive Education plays a key role in Scotland’s economic future through a program that trains aspiring business leaders before they undertake positions with large blue-chip organizations and high-growth entrepreneurial ventures in Scotland. The Herald. December 6, 2009.
Dean Elaine Eisenman’s interview with Effective Executive on HR and talent strategies during the downturn. Effective Executive. June 2009.