Rising Above and Beyond

In the fall of 2007, the College embarked on the largest and most ambitious capital campaign in its history. It was named Babson Rising as a metaphor for the upward path of the College—rising in the rankings, rising in the quality and number of student applications, rising in the number of ventures launched and grown on campus, rising in the talented faculty and staff we attract, rising in the world-class institutions that seek to partner with us, and rising in many more ways. At a time when entrepreneurship is increasingly recognized as the surest route to creating economic and social value, no other educational institution can make the same kind of difference in the world.

Four years after the campaign launch, Babson has surpassed its $200 million goal, even before the campaign closes on December 31. Campaigns succeed only when the message of the campaign resonates with large numbers of people. Clearly, we have a community that is committed to continuing to see the College progress. We are deeply appreciative for all of that support, and we want to demonstrate through our activities and actions that we are not only appreciative, but that we also justify that support day in and day out, providing more reasons to support Babson in the future.

Even as we celebrate our ability to successfully close a $200 million campaign, there are a number of institutional priorities that require increased funding. We have chosen to highlight four of these—The Center for Women’s Leadership, the Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program, financial aid, and learning/ living entrepreneurship—as opportunities to attract an additional $15 million to $20 million before we officially close the campaign. Of course, you can continue to give to any of the areas that are especially meaningful to you.

Our message as we work to reach this goal is “the sky is the limit” because, for Babson, it truly is. The more we raise, the more we can do. The more we can do, the greater our impact. The greater our impact, the stronger our world.

Babson is on the move. How far will our impact reach? Thanks to our many donors, the sky is the limit!

Leonard A. Schlesinger and Robert E. Weissman ’64, H’94, P’87 ’90

Photograph by Patrick O’Connor


Leonard A. Schlesinger


Robert E. Weissman ’64, H’94, P’87 ’90
Chair of the Capital Campaign and Trustee