An Open-Minded Education

John McAuliffe M’71

John McAuliffe MBA ’71

There were two statistics classes John McAuliffe MBA ’71, could take in 1971. One had 26 students enrolled; the other, taught by a challenging professor, had only six. Call him crazy, but McAuliffe chose the latter.

The class was taught by former professor Arvind Shah, who quickly reviewed the material on the syllabus so students could focus on tackling the more difficult problems he had created. The class may sound like a bad dream to some, but it was McAuliffe’s favorite.

“Professor Shah instilled the value of having an open mind and a willingness to seek answers,” McAuliffe explains.

McAuliffe developed and applied this philosophy throughout his 37-year career working in sales and marketing at GE Commercial Finance. He became known for asking simple yet tough questions, helping colleagues and clients find (and own) more effective solutions—just as Shah had helped him.

Recently, McAuliffe made a second $100,000 commitment to support the Graduate School endowment because he has great respect and admiration for the College and wants to help it evolve and grow. His gift will ensure that MBA students can continue to challenge each other, ask difficult questions, and find more effective solutions.