East Meets West at China Forum

China has a thriving economy but needs entrepreneurial leaders to sustain its competitive edge. And Babson is known throughout the world as an expert in teaching entrepreneurship.

The Journey West: Babson Global Forum

In April, the two parties came together in China for “The Journey West: Babson Global Forum.” It was a match made in entrepreneurial heaven.

The two-day event in Shanghai attracted Chinese leaders from all sectors, global entrepreneurs, and the Chinese media. The nearly 250 attendees imagined a bright future for China powered by entrepreneurship, and they saw how strong ties with Babson could make that vision a reality.

Thanks to the following generous sponsors for bringing China and Babson together for this important first step in what will become a prosperous partnership.

Global Friends and Family

William Gregory and Elsie V. Burrill P’04 ’04 ’06 Family

Duane Morris International: London/ Singapore/Vietnam

Richard J. Snyder ’60, H’94, P’93 ’01

Chocolat Frey

Gilbane Inc.

The Global Big Idea

IRC Tire

Lead Sponsor

Santander Universities

Platinum Sponsors

James J.K. Hung M’71, P’99 ’01, and Family

Andrew T.S. Lo ’83, M’84

Gordon Kuo-Chun Chang ’81; Clarence Yeung M’85; Willy S.M. Lin ’81, P’10 ’13

Camus Cognac

Nishat Mills Ltd.

Sun International Ltd.