Focusing on Fundamentals

David ’75 and Lesley M’78 Thompson

David Thompson ’75 and Lesley Thompson MBA ’78

Overseer David Thompson ’75 arrived at Babson without ever having visited the campus. Growing up in Sante Fe, N.M., his trip to the College was the first time he boarded a plane and the first time he stepped foot on the East Coast.

It also was the first time Thompson, who went on to become a partner at Deloitte, had ever heard the acronym CPA. After a classmate explained what it stood for, Thompson remembers saying, “I can’t imagine ever doing accounting—that’s got to be the worst!” But “the big two”—former accounting professors Dick Bruno and David Drinkwater—changed all that and prepared him for success in the field.

His wife, Lesley Thompson MBA ’78, also blazed her own trail at Babson. After the couple moved to Boston, she decided to earn her MBA at a time when few women were pursing the degree. Her Babson education paved the way for a successful career in manufacturing and consulting at firms such as Corning Medical and Kepner-Tregoe.

The Thompsons have supported the Accounting and Law Division with a gift of $50,000 to show their gratitude for their Babson educations and ensure that students receive training in this core business discipline. They believe a strong foundation in fundamentals such as accounting can help all students manage ambiguity and succeed at whatever “firsts” may come their way.