From the Heart

Carolina and Ernie Fernandez with their daughter, Cristina ’14

Carolina Fernandez P’14, says you can tell where someone’s heart is by looking at her checkbook.

Fernandez’s heart is with her daughter, Cristina, a sophomore who is hitting her stride at Babson. Cristina is studying marketing and entrepreneurship, plays on the volleyball team, and is vice president of marketing for the Campus Activities Board, where she promotes major student events on campus.

Carolina is just as involved in activities at the College. She serves on the Parents Executive Committee, is working with The Center for Women’s Leadership to help increase financial literacy among women, and has participated in two sessions of the Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program.

She and her husband, Ernie, make an annual gift to Babson not only because they have had an extremely positive experience with the College, but also because they believe in its mission and vision. “We believe that Babson, more than any college we know, embraces the need to educate future entrepreneurs for our global economy by emphasizing imagination, innovation, and creativity as business drivers,” she says. “Our gift is just one way that we can show our commitment to these shared values and goals.”