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Hall of Fame

Babson’s Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame welcomed its two newest members in October: Alberto Perlman ’98 and Jeffrey Brown ’86. Perlman is co-founder and CEO of Zumba Fitness, which offers the popular dance-fitness program that has devotees in some 125 countries. Brown is founder, president, and CEO of Brown’s Super Stores, which operates 10 Philadelphia-area supermarkets, many in disadvantaged areas lacking grocery stores.

Food, Glorious Food

Andrew Zimmern, entrepreneur in residence and host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, and Gail Simmons, judge on Bravo’s Top Chef, were among the chefs, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs on campus for Food Days, a two-day festival in October sponsored by Food Sol. Besides offering plenty of locally produced food, the event featured discussions of food issues such as sustainability, nutrition, and supply-chain ethics.

Habit Forming

Charles Duhigg, reporter for The New York Times, visited campus at the start of the fall semester. Students from the Class of ‘16 were sent copies of his book, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, to read last summer. From examining how NFL coach Tony Dungy instilled his system in players, to how Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat sparked a movement, to how Target can tell if a woman shopper is pregnant just by what she buys, the book looks at the many ways habits shape our lives.

Go West

Babson’s San Francisco campus now has its own version of the John E. and Alice L. Butler Venture Accelerator, which expanded to the West Coast this fall and is under the leadership of Thomas Alexander, entrepreneur at large. As of the 2011–2012 academic year, the accelerator was working with 302 individuals (Babson, Olin, and Wellesley students and Babson alumni) representing 258 ventures.