Entrepreneurial Thought and Action in Action

Trustee Marla Capozzi, MBA’96
Photo: Patrick O’Connor

As a consultant at McKinsey & Co., Marla Capozzi, MBA’96, is known for her creative problem-solving and ability to act quickly, skills she learned at Babson. “Often I see people give up on issues prematurely,” she says. “But I have learned to advocate for pushing ahead, challenging the status quo, and repeatedly asking questions.”

This ability to see the landscape of possibility—and take action—is pure Babson.

Capozzi joined the evening MBA program at the start of the technology boom in the early 1990s when she was developing software products at Lotus in Cambridge, Mass. She liked the program because the classroom was full of students and professors from the working world. It was a venue for discussing daily challenges and creating solutions. “In an organizational behavior class, I spoke with leaders who were dealing with very difficult, real-world business problems that affected their employees’ lives,” she says. “I learned something in every class that I was able to apply in my job, lessons that I still apply to this day.”

Now as a trustee and frequent guest lecturer, Capozzi is excited to see a renewed focus on the Babson way of thinking and acting. She donates her time and financial support to the College to help sharpen this focus.

“Entrepreneurial Thought and Action has been core to the school for a long time. It’s how we all learned to see the world,” she says. “I’m thrilled to be helping bring it to the forefront and mark it as distinctly Babson.”