A Good Investment

Kathleen Utecht ’03

As a successful venture capitalist, Kathleen Utecht ’03 knows a good investment when she sees one. That’s why she supports Babson every year as a member of the President’s Society.

Utecht was an investment banker when she made her own investment in a toy and game manufacturing company called Cahootie by Green Rock Entertainment. She eventually left her job to become the company’s CEO.

The move certainly wasn’t child’s play. She grew Green Rock into a successful company whose products are sold around the world. In 2008, Ernst & Young recognized her with its Entrepreneurial Winning Women award. Utecht now works at Comcast Ventures where she invests in early-stage technology companies.

Babson provided her with a strong business education while complementing and amplifying her entrepreneurial nature. It also surrounded her with ambitious and passionate people who became some of her best friends.

At work, Utecht loves meeting entrepreneurs and helping their companies grow; that’s also why she invests in the College. “I give to Babson because it supports entrepreneurs and innovators in all fields,” she says.