Ready to Serve

Dick Power, MBA’65

“Babson was there for me when I needed it,” says retired Army Col. John “Dick” Power, MBA’65.

In 1963, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army and took a leave of absence to go to graduate school in California. Tragically, his father fell ill and passed away soon after. Power returned to the Boston area, where Babson crafted a master’s program for him.

Power’s Army service took him around the world, from Germany to Vietnam. And Babson was there for him through it all. He recalls trekking across campus to attend Industrial Management; the course included reading manufacturing blueprints and completing time and motion studies, which were used to analyze workers’ movements on a production line to maximize efficiency. At the time, Power found these practices a bit arcane, but his understanding of manufacturing processes benefited him years later as a manager of Army industrial operations. “Babson was a tremendously valuable and decidedly different experience,” Power says. “It gave me a foundation that I could draw upon and build upon to better serve my country.”

Now, Power is there for Babson. He created a bequest and makes an annual contribution. “It’s important to support institutions that do good for society,” he says. “In my travels, I have seen the impact education can have. Babson contributes to the effectiveness of economies and societies worldwide, and I’m proud to support it.”