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Babson Magazine Fall 2013

Cover Illustration: Headcase Design

Fall 2013

The Age of (Too Much?) Information »

Gleaning insight from mountains of info isn’t easy, but Big Data’s influence is being felt far and wide. What does it mean for customers, CEOs, and the future of business?

Hear professor Tom Davenport talk about Big Data. »

Risky Business with a Purpose »

Pursue something innovative, something complex and extraordinary, and the odds can stack up against you. But keep faith in your vision, and success can bring rewards for your company and benefits to society.

Thinking of Home »

As they move away to begin their college careers, first-year students bring mementos to remind them of the people and places they left behind.

Old Friends »

They met at Babson in a time of dreams, doubts, and discovery. After graduation, their lives filled with careers and kids, but they have remained close as the years pass.

Embracing Diversity »

Portraits and reflections from the Babson community.

See a slideshow of more portraits. »

On the Cutting Edge »

The magnificent leather bags and accessories of artisan Frank Clegg, MBA’74.

Listen to Frank Clegg talk about his passion for design. »


Babson Magazine Staff

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Alumni News Editor