Babson + Beyond

What’s your favorite new business?

Peter Cohan

My favorite new business is really a product in development, Google Glass, a wireless computer that you’ll wear and that looks a bit like eyeglasses. Reports say it can take photos, record videos, display directions, search the Web, and translate languages. Users activate Glass by speaking, touching the frame, or moving their heads. After thinking about it for 30 minutes, I came up with five ways that people could use Glass—from helping rescue a hurt skier in the woods to the Secret Service scanning crowds for terrorists—that would make the world better.

Peter Cohan, adjunct lecturer

Amy Blitz

I’m a big fan of Kickstarter, an innovative company that has introduced a new approach to funding all sorts of creative projects. Its crowdfunding approach uses online social networking to spread the word about projects to friends, friends of friends, etc., greatly expanding the opportunities for funding what once might have been a purely “garage” project. I’ve helped a friend raise financing for a documentary film this way, and it’s been rewarding to see her vision become a reality.

Amy Blitz, professor of management practice, Babson Global