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Babson Magazine Spring 2014

Edlyn Wang ’12
Photograph by Winnie Au

Spring 2014

The (Mis)Adventures of the Young and Newly Graduated »

The life of 20-somethings—an age of rent and romance, dreams and doubts—is scary but exhilarating as people strive to find their place in the world.

Examining Our Health-Care System »

With costs soaring, industry executives are trying to find ways to bring expenses under control while improving care.

What Inspired Your Brand? »

From brainstorming sessions to personal connections, alumni entrepreneurs share how they came up with the ideas for their brands.

Those Who Guard the Dreams of the Young »

These individuals push the boundaries of what seems doable in hopes of empowering the next generation.

Video:  Jennifer Green, MBA’08, talks about her work with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship »

The Running Man »

Sports are a big part of professor Rick Cleary’s life. They’re also a big part of his career.

Video:  Cleary shares his thoughts on sports, numbers, and coaching »

Music Man »

Musician and songwriter Jamie Kent ’09 on the art of creation.

Video:  Watch one of Kent’s music videos »

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