From the Corners of the World

Redefining entrepreneurship. That’s what Babson is doing—but not on its own. The College wants the world to help create a new, broader definition that goes beyond the notion of “taking risk” and “starting a business.” So Babson built a website ( and put out the call. And thousands have responded: More than 96,000 people from 148 countries have visited the site, and almost 2,000 definitions from folks in 76 countries have been entered. Alumni, students, faculty, staff, friends, family, people interested in Babson, and complete strangers have participated. “There is little question that this campaign has struck a nerve with like-minded people around the world,” says President Len Schlesinger. “I believe that’s because it’s a simple opportunity for people to define for themselves what has historically been perceived as an exclusive, and often exclusionary, role, and to reap the possible gains from taking effective action in support of their aspirations.” —Donna Coco

Illustration: Bryan Christie Design