From the President

A Warm Welcome

Since my first days on campus, I have been struck by the diverse, collaborative, and creative culture at Babson and the unique connection among Babson’s faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The ties that bind the Babson community are a shared love of entrepreneurial endeavors and a belief that they have both the vision and the know-how necessary to change the world.

Kerry Murphy Healey

Photo: Webb Chappell

I have been impressed with how single-mindedly our students pursue their goals—whether starting a business, organizing a campus event, teaching entrepreneurship in Africa, or partnering with their peers from Olin and Wellesley to tackle tough problems. Babson students are fearless, and they have a strong sense of social responsibility, which is reflected in the way they incorporate sustainability and volunteerism in their ventures. At the same time, they seem to radiate enthusiasm and energy wherever they are on campus. Babson bills itself as a campus where the hours outside of the classroom are as valuable as those in formal instruction. Our students make every minute count.

Faculty and staff engagement with students also reflects “the Babson way.” Our talented and devoted faculty and staff inspire a remarkable degree of involvement and enthusiasm among students. Having attended Professor Candy Brush’s class on “Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership” and having watched Provost Dennis Hanno and his talented team engage with students as both mentors and friends, I can appreciate why our students feel so inspired and valued at Babson.

My hope is to meet personally and engage with the broader Babson community to hear your hopes for the College as we approach our Centennial in 2019. I already have visited alumni in London, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai, but these are just the first of many stops I plan to make with Babson’s alumni and friends across the U.S. and around the world. I am proud to lead a college that embraces Entrepreneurship of All Kinds, from startups to innovation within multinational corporations, from re-energized family businesses to creative philanthropy to new models of entrepreneurship seeking the triple bottom line, where profit, people, and planet exist comfortably side by side.

I want to thank the Babson community for the warm welcome I have received as your new president. In the months and years ahead, I look forward to working with you to make the Babson experience even more extraordinary and to find new ways to share that experience with the world.

All the best,

Kerry Murphy Healey