Eggs, Waffles and Tradition

Manning the waffle iron can be a stress-filled job, especially with a line of students waiting on you. “We’ve been here 10 minutes, and we’re already behind,” said President Leonard Schlesinger, looking at the growing crowd patiently holding plates, the air smelling of batter.

For last semester’s annual Midnight Breakfast, some 60 staff and faculty volunteers gathered in Trim Dining Hall, where they cooked and served roughly 100 gallons of scrambled eggs, 180 pounds of Tater Tots, and 60 pounds of sausage to hungry students. First started about 20 years ago, the event traditionally falls right before December exams, serving as welcome stress relief during a hectic time for students.

Back at the waffle iron station, a line still waited on Schlesinger, but he proved cool under pressure. Serving a hot waffle, he admired his work. “That’s perfection,” he said.


Pictured from left: Stephen Deets, associate professor of politics; Phyllis Schlesinger, adjunct lecturer of management, and President Leonard Schlesinger; Diana Harrington, distinguished professor of applied investments, and Cheryl Kiser of the Lewis Institute