Giving Back

Parental Support

Diane, Wesley ’13, and Peter Tryhane

Diane, Wesley ’13, and Peter Tryhane

Wisdom, work, and wealth. These are the three W’s that Diane Martin Tryhane, P’13, contributes to the organizations she cares about, including Babson. She believes all organizations, whether companies or colleges, need these three components to flourish, and she thinks everyone can contribute in some way.

Three years ago, Diane and her husband, Peter, joined the Parent Executive Committee (PEC), a group of past and current parents who provide Babson with the three W’s by serving as school ambassadors, strengthening the parent community, and supporting the College with a gift each year. She and her husband joined the PEC because of a fourth W, their son, Wesley ’13. “We were new to Babson, just like Wesley, and we wanted a way to get more involved,” Tryhane says. “The PEC has given us the opportunity to meet Babson professors and leaders and hear about the College’s curriculum and strategy, as well as connect with other parents. It’s been a great way for us to support Wes’ experience at Babson while enhancing our own connection to the College.”

Wesley certainly has made the most of his Babson experience, excelling in both academic courses and on the golf course. He is focused on finance and accounting classes and this season was named All-New England by the New England Intercollegiate Golf Association. He also was named to the All-Conference First Team in the New England Collegiate Conference Men’s Golf Championship, helping Babson win the title and obtain an automatic bid to the NCAA Division III Tournament in May.

Tryhane says that even though she and her husband can’t cheer on their son at every golf tournament or participate in every Babson event, they can still be there for him by supporting Babson with their time and an annual gift. “It’s important to take ownership of the things you care about,” she says. “We all have something to give, whether it’s coaching students in the Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program, helping to raise funds, or making a gift each year. Participating in this wonderful community strengthens it for everyone.”

Propelling Babson to the Top

Bob Jamieson ’68, P’08, is renowned in the music industry. He turned around the RCA Music Group, and he signed such artists as Dave Matthews, Foo Fighters, and The Strokes. As a member of the President’s Society, Babson’s leading group of supporters, he also knows what’s needed to fuel the College’s rise to the top of the charts.

Bob Jamieson ’68, P’08

Bob Jamieson ’68, P’08

As a student, Jamieson found his groove at Babson. He made great friends, pledged the Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity, and was excited about learning. “I was exposed to all of these very sharp, smart students, and there was a great sense of camaraderie,” he says.

Most of all, he learned practical concepts from professors to whom he could relate. “At Babson, learning was fun because I could see how the pieces fit together, and I knew I was learning things that would benefit me.”

Jamieson went on to become a standout in the music industry, holding executive-level positions with Sony, Universal, and the RCA Music Group, then part of BMG. Now, he is working on a new venture in the entertainment industry that he says “incorporates the old-school excitement of music discovery and development with innovative applications offered by the Internet.”

He credits Babson with taking him to the next level of success, which is what his contributions to the President’s Society help do for the College. Each year, generous support from President’s Society members helps transform students’ lives and shape Babson’s future. “I feel very fortunate that I made the choice to come to Babson,” Jamieson says. “The whole experience was rewarding for me. That’s why I want to support the College as much as I possibly can.”

Jamieson sees the results of his support firsthand. He regularly speaks to students and recent alumni who are interested in the music and entertainment industries. These conversations energize him. “I’m so impressed by all the kids who come to Babson today and start their own businesses. It’s incredibly exciting to hear what they are thinking about and what they are trying to accomplish,” he says.

For Jamieson, seeing the College and its students evolve and succeed, and knowing he’s played a role in that success is, well, like music to his ears.

Scholarship Recipients Say Thank You

Tyler Murphy ’13 (middle) with scholarship donors Diane and Bart Conlon, P’94, ’96.

Tyler Murphy ’13 (middle) with scholarship donors Diane and Bart Conlon, P’94, ’96.

The students who gathered at last fall’s scholarship luncheon all remember that eventful moment when they opened their acceptance letter from Babson. Sweeter still, they remember the moment when they learned of receiving a scholarship. During the luncheon, those students took the opportunity to thank a roomful of scholarship donors for making that fateful moment—and all the Babson moments to follow—possible.

Tyler Murphy ’13 and Amy Mon ’12 said support from donors has let them concentrate on pursuing their passions and contributing to the Babson community rather than worrying about how to pay for school. Murphy has served on the Class of 2013 Steering Committee, participated in the Honors Program, and traveled to Ghana to teach entrepreneurship to high school students, while Mon has logged more than 1,500 service hours at Bernon Center organizations and focused on her goal of opening an English language school in China.

“Because of my scholarships, I have the time to be a resident assistant, a volunteer, an artist, and, most important, somebody I really want to be,” says Mon.

Murphy said scholarships truly have changed his life. “I’ve built my Babson experience around what I want to do instead of what I had to do to be here,” he says. “I just can’t say enough about Babson’s amazing support system. I hope one day I can give back.”