Commencement Clearance Process (CCP) FAQs

The Commencement Clearance Process (CCP) has a designated portlet on the Hub that opens on Monday, May 7, 2018, at noon, and closes on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, at 6 p.m. All students who plan on participating in Commencement 2018 must complete the requirements of the CCP, such as fulfilling financial obligations, remaining in good standing with community standards, and completing surveys.

Who must complete the CCP?

The following eligible graduates have access to the CCP:

  • December 2017 graduates
  • May 2018 graduates
  • August 2018 graduates
  • December 2018 graduates (Undergraduate School and MSF graduates only)

The following eligible graduates do not have access to the CCP:

  • August 2017 graduates

August 2017 graduates are eligible to participate in Commencement 2018 but do not have access to the CCP. Any August 2017 graduate with questions about participation in Commencement 2018 should email the registrar’s office by Friday, April 20.

Note: Ineligible students who try to access the CCP will receive a message stating that the CCP portal is closed. Eligible students who receive this message once the CCP is officially open should email ITSD.

Accessing the CCP

The CCP portal can be accessed by eligible students only, through the following:

  • The Student Hub/Portal
    • Via the spotlight on the homepage
    • Via the Commencement page, under CCP (click on the link in the first paragraph)
  • CCP email to all eligible students
    • Via the link embedded in the email
  • Commencement website
    • Via the link on the CCP page

Access issues

Common student issues:

  • The link to the CCP does not work.
  • The link to the CCP screen says the CCP is closed.
  • The CCP page comes up blank, and there are no tasks detailed.


If you are having issues gaining access, the problem could be a browser issue. Please switch to Google Chrome if using Internet Explorer, and vice versa. If you cannot access the CCP and have been identified as one of the four eligible types of graduates, you should email ITSD.

Accessing the CCP after it closes on May 16

Students will not have access to edit within the CCP after it closes on Wednesday, May 16, at 6 p.m. However, you will be able to see if you have incomplete tasks and will be able to print the screen.

The Undergraduate and Graduate Center for Career Development can email their surveys to students to complete.

In order for a student task to be completed after the CCP closes, an administrator for the task in question will have to override the task, which will mark it as completed. You must contact each department on the list below to complete your outstanding tasks.

Commencement RSVP:
Events Management Office, 781-239-5265

Bill pay, loan exit interviews, and loan counseling:
Student Financial Services, 781-239-4219

Laptop return:
ITSD, 781-239-4357

Alumni Welcome Survey:
Alumni and Friends Network, 781-239-4562

Community Standards:
Colleen Ryan, 781-239-5419

Glavin Office payment:
Elise Beaudin, 781-239-4482

Undergraduate ticket pickup:
Alumni and Friends Network, 781-239-4562