Coming Soon: Babson Commons at Horn Library

Site Logistics Starting May 2018

Construction Spring 2018–Summer 2019

The Horn Library project consists of three distinct, but integrated pillars for study, academic support and social interaction and collaboration. The project is envisioned to provide, an improved and expanded state-of-the-art study space for students, centralized academic support center designed around student needs, additional classroom and faculty office space, new and expanded Cutler Center in a prominent location that highlights the study of finance and investment for current and prospective students, update of the building systems including mechanical systems to improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort.


September 2018

Site clearance and concrete foundation pouring in front of Horn Library is underway for the Babson Commons addition. An additional entrance is now available directly into the first floor of the library from the exterior walkway behind Gerber Hall

May 2018

A perimeter fence will be installed around the front entrance to horn library, and access to the library will be through Horn Computer Center and Gerber Hall. The construction fence will close off pedestrian sidewalk access in front of the library, and pedestrians will be detoured across the street. Demolition of the site in front of the library will begin after commencement at the end of May.