Babson College Contracts & Purchase Orders Routing Form Procedure

This document demonstrates the steps to properly complete the Babson College Routing Form for Contracts & Purchase Orders of $100,000 or more for Budgeted Spend, or $50,000 or more for Non-Budgeted Spend. Prior to initiating this process, it is beneficial to contact departments that need advance notice, i.e. Legal or Risk Management.

Step 1: Locate the Contracts & Purchase Orders Form Template

Based on access, you should see a folder for your department/division.

For Example:

Locating departmnet or division folder

In the folder, there is a document entitled “Template for Babson College Routing Form Contracts & Purchase Orders”

How to find templates

Step 2: Make a copy and save under appropriate folder structure and specific naming convention

Right click on the form template and select "Make a Copy"

Making a copy

Copying a template

Create new folder by right clicking and selecting “New Folder.” Be sure to name the new folder with appropriate naming convention: “Project Name” plus “Date of Initial Request by Requestor” (For Example: Workday 7.02.2015). Locating the correct driveNew fileRenaming folder

Drag and drop the copied form template to the proper folder.

Locating and moving to correct folder

Once placed in the correct folder, open the copy of the form template by double clicking.
Copying the template

Once the document is opened, hover over the title and click once to rename.

Renaming the template
Renaming document

Please use the same naming convention to rename the form:

“Project Name” plus “Date of Initial Request by Requestor” (For Example: Workday 7.02.2015).

Step 3: Complete the form

Please follow the instructions on page 2 of the Template for Routing Form for Contracts & Purchase Orders.

Step 4: Upload supporting documents

Right click and select “Upload files …” to upload each supporting document needed as outlined in ‘Requestor’s Responsibilities’ on page 2 of the routing form.
Uploading correct files  
Uploading file from desktop

Or, upload an entire folder from your desktop
Upload entire folder from desktop

Step 5: Email/Share folder for Approvals to the appropriate parties

After the form is completed and all proper backup is uploaded, right click on the folder and select “Share.”

Sharing with appropriate people

Then, either select the “Get sharable link” icon, and copy the link to your email to send to the individuals listed in the ‘Approvals’ table of the form or add the users under ‘People.’

The requestor should continue to monitor the form until all appropriate approvals have been collected.

Granting correct permissions