Alcohol and Catering Policy

Effective: July 1, 2012

As a supplement to the Risk Management Guide for Activity/Event Organizers (pdf), this document summarizes the alcohol and catering policy that applies to internal and external groups (including student groups) which are planning to host events on campus.


  • All groups must use Sodexo for their alcohol needs on campus (with the exception of events at Babson Executive Conference Center)
    • Sodexo may use a subcontractor to provide bartending services at an on-campus event
    • In most cases, only beer and wine can be served at a group event. On occasion, the Events Management Office will host events for staff, alumni, and friends (not students) of the College, where hard alcohol is served on campus by Sodexo; these events include, but are not limited to, 25 Year Club, President’s Society, Back to Babson, Events at President’s House.
    • Groups cannot bring in their own alcohol to be served at an event
  • Alcohol Donations: All alcohol donations to a group, including those from corporations or distributors, must go through Sodexo’s approved alcohol vendor in order to be served at an event. Please contact Sodexo for further details.
  • For all events on the Babson College campus (excluding Roger’s Pub and Babson Executive Education center), any group that charges a fee for guests to attend any portion of the event must secure a one-day liquor license from the Town of Wellesley through the Events Management Office no less than 45 days prior to the event. Please contact the Events Management Office for more information.
  • Tip Certified Servers and Babson Public Safety Officers are required on site for all events where alcohol is served. Tip Certified Servers are provided by Sodexo for all events on campus where alcohol is served. Sodexo will also train and/or hire students to be Tip Certified Servers at student events on campus (e.g. Knight Party, Buffoonery). The number of Public Safety Officers is determined by size and scope of event through the Babson Public Safety Department.


  • Sodexo is the College’s preferred Campus caterer for all events on campus. Groups planning events on campus are strongly encouraged to contact Sodexo to review their needs prior to booking or finalizing any plans. You can go online at Dining Services Catering or call Sodexo at 781-239-4943. This should be no less than 2-3 weeks prior to the scheduled event.
  • If Sodexo cannot meet the groups’ catering needs (due to timeline, budget, food requests) and an outside 3rd party catering vendor is needed, groups should consult the list of Vetted and Approved Third-Party Caterers. The list will also be updated and maintained on the Purchasing website. The providers on this list meet the established criteria for insurance and liability coverage, as defined by Babson. Babson must have on file an updated Certificate of Insurance from the 3rd party vendor prior to any catering event on campus. If the caterer is not already on the approved list, please contact the Purchasing Office to have the new food provider vetted.
  • Food Donations: If vendors aren’t on a list of vetted and approved third party caterers or they do not have a Certificate of Insurance, then groups cannot accept food donations from them.
  • The foregoing shall not apply to small, informal gatherings where the attendees purchase lunch or dinner.