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Employment at Babson

In an increasingly complex, changing, and interdependent world, no one person or homogeneous group can produce consistently high-quality results working in isolation.

Creative solutions to difficult problems require the synthesis of diverse experiences and points of view. The Babson College community values difference and encourages positive interaction across socioeconomic class, racial, gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic, national, and other perceived barriers, in order to enhance creativity, productivity, innovation, and quality of life. We are committed to providing a safe and ethical workplace for all members of the Babson community. To learn more, read our Whistleblower Policy.

We actively recruit employees from diverse backgrounds who have the ability to work together to create a more enlightened campus culture. Our employees play a vital role in helping the College achieve its mission to educate innovative leaders capable of initiating, managing, and implementing change.

Commonwealth CompactBabson is a proud member of the Commonwealth Compact, and we're excited to support their mission of establishing "Massachusetts as a uniquely inclusive, honest and supportive community of—and for—diverse people. To acknowledge our mixed history in this effort, and to face squarely the challenges that still need to be overcome, understanding that the rich promise of the region's growing diversity must be tapped fully if Boston and Massachusetts are to achieve their economic, civic and social potential."