Creating a Position

How to Fill Out a Student Job Description

If you will be hiring a student employee for a new position, you will need to submit a completed Job Description Form to the Student Employment Office. The Job Description Form provides the Student Employment Office with a means to post the job, if advertisement is needed, and also to assign it a pay rate based on the Student Employment Job Classification System. The completed descriptions are kept on file in the Student Employment Office. For more information on job classification, see Student Pay Rates.

To fill out a Job Description Form:

The Federal Work-Study Program

Federal Work-Study is a federally funded program that allows eligible students to work on college campuses at a reduced cost to the school. Eligibility for Federal Work-Study is determined by Student Financial Services and awarded to students as part of their financial aid packages. Students must a) be a United States citizen or a permanent resident, b) apply for financial aid, and c) demonstrate financial need according to a standard need-analysis methodology in order to obtain a Work-Study award. Federal Work-Study money can be used year-round, including for summer employment.

Student supervisors are encouraged to show preference in hiring to Federal Work-Study award recipients, as they have a demonstrated financial need. However, supervisors should always hire the most qualified candidate for a given position, whether or not the student has a Federal Work-Study award.

Hiring a Work-Study student does not impact a department’s budget any differently than hiring a student without a Work-Study award. The department will pay the full amount of all student employees’ wages from their student employment budget lines: -5301, -5302, -5303. At the start of the fiscal year, the College receives the federal funding for Work-Study. The federal dollars are considered to be 75% of the total Work-Study budget; Babson matches 25% and then distributes the total among the departmental budgets with Work-Study lines. To determine how much money a department has to pay Work-Study student employees, add together the -5301 and -5302 budget lines.

Any questions about the Federal Work-Study Program should be directed to Student Financial Services at 781-239-4219.


If you would like to advertise a student position, please contact the Student Employment Office, ext. 4286. New positions require a Job Description Form.

The Student Employment Office is part of Human Resources and is located in the Nichols building. Contact us at ext. 4286 or by e-mail.


The hiring manager’s contact information will be included in the posting and students will be in touch directly to set up an informal interview. For interviewing tips, please see How to Interview Students. Supervisors are encouraged to show preference in hiring to Federal Work-Study students, as they have a demonstrated financial need. However, the impact to a departmental budget is the same regardless if the student has a work-study award or not.