Complete the paperwork listed below and return it to the Student Employment Office

Required Federal Paperwork

All employees of Babson College are required to complete an I-9 and a W-4 form prior to starting work. Both forms must be completed in the Student Employment Office.

The I-9 form establishes employment eligibility. Section 1 must be completed and signed by the employee at the time employment begins. The following options will satisfy the ID requirement and are easily accessible to college students:

  • a U.S. Passport a U.S. driver’s license and a social security card or a birth certificate
  • a Babson College OneCard and a social security card or a birth certificate

The W-4 form must be completed so the employer can withhold the correct Federal income tax from the employee’s paycheck. Complete the allowances worksheet and Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate. If not claiming Exempt, add allowances, if any, from worksheet and place this number on line 5. Sign and date the form. Students should complete a new W-4 at the start of each academic year.

Federal Work Study

If the student has a Federal Work-Study award, print and complete the Federal Work-Study Authorization Voucher.

If the student does not have a Federal Work-Study award, print and complete the Campus Employment Program Voucher on the Student portal under Office of Student Employment.

Each student employee must complete a Confidentiality Agreement and a FERPA Non-Disclosure Agreement which will be kept on file in the Student Employment Office for the duration of a student’s time at the College. These two forms will be transmitted to the student electronically when they fill out the Academic Voucher.

Academic Year Vouchers

All vouchers are now online and can be found on the Student portal under Office of Student Employment. Students must initiate the paperwork for their on campus positions. Four categories are listed:

  • Never Worked on Campus Previously
  • Worked on Campus
  • International Students
  • Graduate Fellows

Each category will open up the forms necessary for the student to work on campus. The Vouchers, Confidentiality and FERPA are transmitted electronically. The voucher has a two step process which consists of a work-flow from the student employee and will continue to the supervisor for the account number and signature before coming to SEO. Any incomplete forms will be rejected.

Confidentiality Agreements and FERPA

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a federal law enacted in 1974 that guarantees the confidentiality of a student's records and general information. It is imperative that supervisors stress to their student employees the importance of confidentiality in performing their job duties. Each student who works at Babson College must read and sign a copy of the FERPA Non-Disclosure Agreement. This agreement identifies the basic provisions that a student employee should be aware of to ensure that the law is not violated.

Students are also required to sign Babson’s Confidentiality Agreement, which covers the issues of information technology and the general accessibility of a variety of sensitive information. It outlines a student employee's responsibilities with regards to confidential and sensitive information that they may have access to through their on campus jobs.

Supervisors should make copies of the FERPA and the Confidentiality Agreement for their records and then send the originals to the Student Employment Office. The documents will be kept on file for the duration of a student’s time at the College.

International Students

Hiring international students requires completion of specific documents depending on which type of Visa the student has. Refer to the International Students and Scholars Services site for more information.