Reporting Hours

Students cannot work before the proper paperwork and documentation is completed and on file in the student employment office. If all the necessary paperwork is not complete and on file with Student Employment, you will not be allowed to continue to work until it is done.

  • Students are limited to 20 hours of work per week while classes are in session. During the winter and summer breaks, students may work up to 40 hours per week.
  • Students are paid for hours worked only. Meal breaks, sick days, holidays, and snow days are not to be counted as hours worked. Additionally, students are not allowed to work during their scheduled class times.
  • Students are required to take an unpaid break of at least 30 minutes after six continuous hours of work. The breaks must be noted on the timecard.
  • Over winter and summer breaks, in accordance with state law, Babson will pay the regularly scheduled hours for the first three days of jury duty, provided that a student is working “full-time,” or 35 hours per week, in an on-campus position. Student employees must present Payroll with the official certificate from the court in order to be paid.
  • Fraudulent reporting of hours worked is categorized as “gross misconduct” and will result in immediate termination and possible referral to the Office of Academic and Career Services for further disciplinary action.


There are two types of time cards:

  • Blue time cards are for undergraduate and graduate Federal Work-Study students
  • Yellow time cards are for Campus Employment Program

Supplies of time cards can be picked up in the Student Employment Office.

All student time cards are due on a weekly basis and should accurately reflect the hours worked by the student employee. All meal breaks taken by the student should be reflected on the time card. NOTE: Massachusetts state law requires that an unpaid break, of at least 30 minutes, MUST be taken by hourly employees after six consecutive hours worked.

Both the student and the supervisor must sign the weekly time card. Time cards must be submitted to the Payroll Office in Nichols by Friday afternoon and by noon each Thursday during summer months. Cards should be placed in the timecard collection box outside of the Student Employment Office.

Time cards that are improperly completed will be returned to the supervisor, and payment will be delayed until the next scheduled payroll, after the corrected card is submitted. Any time cards received late will be processed the following pay cycle. As an agent of the College, the supervisor’s signature on the timecard confirms that the information is correct.

Student Pay Rates

All employees paid by student payroll must be currently enrolled students at Babson College. Both Federal Work-Study and Campus Employment undergraduate student employees receive the same pay rate for a given position. Students who have not previously worked in a particular position will start at the base rate for that job. Students receive a $0.15 raise each semester they return to the same position. The raise at mid-year, however, is merit based. Supervisors have the option to increase student rates up to $.25 per hour at this time.

Pay rates are determined by the level of responsibility and skills required to do a job as noted on the Job Description submitted by the department. Once reviewed, the positions are classified and the pay rate is determined from the low end of the Basic Level to the high end of Level 6. All existing positions must have job descriptions and their classification levels on file with the Student Employment Office. Classification levels are as follows:

Level General Requirements New Pay Rate on 1/1/07
Basic Requires basic skills $7.50
1 Requires some degree of specialized knowledge or skill $8.00
2 Requires proficiency in an area of specialized knowledge or skill $8.25
3 Requires a high degree of proficiency inan area of specialized knowledge or skill $8.75
4 Requires very highly specialized knowledge or skill related to a specific job function: On Campus Tutors $9.25
5 Requires very highly specialized knowledge or skill related to a specific job function: Student Supervisors, Research Assistants $9.75
6 Limited to positions where student has sole responsibility for program or facility $10.25

Direct Deposit

Student employees are required to utilize direct deposit for their paychecks. The form should be completed and returned to the Student Employment Office or the Payroll Office in Nichols.


  • Paychecks are issued Fridays on a biweekly basis into a direct deposit account.
  • Paycheck stubs are delivered after 1 p.m. to the student’s mailbox in Reynolds. Students must specifically request to have their paycheck stubs sent to another address.
  • To view electronic paycheck stub, please go to HR Info.
  • For Username and Password information, please contact Anne Jew in HR.
  • Student employees are required to utilize direct deposit for their paychecks.
  • Questions regarding unpaid hours, lost checks, etc. should be directed to the Payroll Office.