Updating the Panopto Recorder (Windows)

1.    Open the Panopto Recorder by clicking the Panopto Recorder shortcut on your desktop, or by going to Start > Programs > Panopto


2.    You will be prompted to update the Panopto Recorder software. Click “Download Now”

3.    Double click the downloaded file. You may be asked by Windows or your Browser for permission to run the file. Click the "Run" button if this happens.

4.    The installer will automatically begin the updating process.

5.     On Windows, the following popup may appear:


6.    Click "Yes" if this occurs to continue your upgrade.

7.    Once installation is complete, the Panopto Recorder will re-launch.

8.   When Panopto re-launches, type babson.hosted.panopto.com into the Server Address field and click Save.


9. Click the “Log in with Blackboard” button and resume normal use of Panopto.