New Lenovo T431s TouchPad   
Lenovo works continually to revamp their computer hardware such as our new ThinkPad T431s laptop. Over the past two years, they’ve tapped dozens of businesses across the world putting ThinkPad prototypes into the hands of average people. They watched users and logged feedback, making changes and retooling the final product. All the research wasn’t used on just one product. It has affected their work across the entire portfolio.
Lenovo didn’t just throw a few paid participants into a room and ask them to outline their ideal laptop. They actually shadowed individuals to see how they used the hardware. All the users weren’t ThinkPad loyalists, either. Some were early adopters of consumer technology and others were opposed to selecting a ThinkPad as their primary machine. When you think about it, you realize that your biggest opponent often provides the most truthful revelations.
Many Babson users have directed their attention to the new trackpad on the T431s. One thing that is immediately noticeable is the removal of the physical buttons that used to lie beneath and above a much smaller trackpad surface. The new touchpad area has been maximized, while optimizing it for interaction with Windows 8. The trackpad now has five buttons integrated into the glass touchpad which you can customize for Windows 8 gestures via the Control Panel. There are subtle red lines on the surface indicating the trackpoint buttons.
In order to help users with becoming more accustomed to the new touchpad, we’ve created a video tutorial. The video demonstrates right and left clicking, double-clicking, scrolling, zooming and flipping. Change always requires some adjustment, and with practice, the new touchpad features will feel more natural, especially when you begin using Windows 8. Don’t forget, you can always make an appointment to schedule some time with a touchpad expert if you need more assistance (x4357).
Click HERE for the TouchPad video.