Setting up a BlackBerry for Use with Gmail

Note: While setup instructions are provided below, Gmail IMAP access is not officially supported for BlackBerry devices at this time.

To set up the BlackBerry's email client with Google Apps email (IMAP), just follow these steps:
  1. Verify that you have turned in IMAP access in your Gmail account
  2. On your BlackBerry device, navigate to your home screen
  3. Select the icon that lets you set up email (this can be called Setup, Setup Wizard, Email Setup, BlackBerry Set-up, E-mail settings, or Personal Email Set-up)
  4. Follow the setup instructions provided on your device to create a new e-mail account (choose the account type Other).
  5. At the next screen, enter your full Babson email address and a fake password, then click Next This may seem strange, but it allows you to configure the proper settings later.
  6. Scroll down and select the option I will provide the settings... then click Next.
  7. Stay with the default setting, This is my personal account, then click Next.
  8. Choose the option I will provide the settings... then click Next.
  9. To configure your user account, be sure to enter the following:
    • Email address: [your full Babson email address]
    • Username: [your full Babson email address]
    • Password: [your actual Babson password]
    • Email server:
  10. Select Next
  11. Select Save
If setup is successful, you should receive a confirmation message and a new mailbox icon should appear on your device's home screen, labeled with your Google Apps email address.
Note: IMAP only supports syncing email with your Gmail account. If you also wish to configure contact and calendar sync, on your Blackberry you should complete the following steps:
  1. Point your BlackBerry browser to:   Once the page is open, you'll see a Download Google Sync link.
  2. Click the jog wheel or BlackBerry menu button to open the menu, and select Get link. This will take you to a download page.
  3. Click Download.
Installation will happen automatically upon the completion of the download. After installation, you can find the Google Sync icon on your home screen. To start using Sync:
  1. Click the icon (you'll see a screen with a login form).
  2. Move the cursor to the login section, and type your full Babson email address and your password.
  3. Press Login and Google Sync will sign in to your account. Once you're successfully signed in, please read the information on the Welcome screen carefully. If you wish, you can make changes to the default settings by clicking on the scroll wheel and selecting Options from the menu. Both Calendar and Contacts syncing are enabled by default for new users. (If you're upgrading from the previous Calendar-only version of Google Sync, you'll need to enable Contacts sync.)
  4. Click the Sync Now button at the bottom of the Welcome screen.
The initial synchronization will take some time, depending on the number of events you have in your Google Calendar and the number of contacts in your Gmail Contacts. Please be patient; you can allow the synchronization to take place in the background as you perform other tasks on your BlackBerry device.
To use Google Sync, click the Google Sync icon on the home screen of your BlackBerry. Alternatively you can open the calendar application on your BlackBerry and click the thumb wheel once to pop up the menu. You'll find the "Google Sync" entry at the top of the menu