​Frequently Asked Questions and Training Materials

1.  Written Gmail documentation on Google’s site


2.  Google Apps Education Training Center
3.  Google apps training videos
4.  Gmail essential training on lynda.com
5.  You Tube Webinars
6.  Flash based Google Apps tutorials


7. If you didn't have attachments migrate because they were over 25MB, follow the instructions below:

A. Open Outlook 2010

B. On the toolbar, click "Filter E-Mail"
C. Select "Has Attachments"
D. When the filter is applied, it will look like the screen below. Note: This is only showing your Inbox. Right click on the headers and select "Size" to sort this list by size.
ScreenHunter_04 Jan. 16 16.00.jpg
E. To show all of your message, from all folders, click on "Try searching again in All Mail Items." This option is at the bottom of the message list.
F. Your list will look like below, with the biggest attachments at the top. To see the size of the e-mail message, hold the mouse over the message header.
G. For any attachments you wish to save, open the e-mail, save the attachment locally and forward the e-mail to your Babson Gmail account. Be sure to remove the attachment from your e-mail before forwarding it, as the attachment is too large for Babson Gmail.

8. How do I move my locally archived mail (Outlook .PST) files?

Use the utility here.