Setting Up Gmail in Microsoft Outlook

ITSD recommends using Google Apps Sync to access your Babson Gmail (also known as Google Apps) account through Microsoft Outlook.

System requirements:
Windows XP (32 bit) SP3 or
Windows Vista (32 bit) SP1 or
Windows Vista (64 bit) SP1 or
Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
Microsoft Outlook 2003® SP3 or
Microsoft Outlook 2007® SP2 (or SP1 with hotfix) or
Microsoft Outlook 2010® (32 and 64 bit) or
  1. Install the Google Apps Sync plugin from this link: Outlook must be closed during the installation and setup.
  2. Enter your full Babson email address and password, and check the box titled "Remember Me."
  3. Do not import existing data, since it has already been synced with your account, and click "Create profile."
  4. (Optional: if you do not want to be prompted to select a profile each time you open Outlook, follow this step) In the Windows Control Panel, go to Mail > Show Profiles and verify that there is a profile titled " - Google Apps", where "username" is your  Babson username. Check the option titled "Always use this profile:" and select your Google Apps account.

The next time you open Outlook, your Google Apps account will start syncing email, contacts, and calendar information with Outlook.