Setting up Babson Gmail for the iPhone or iPad

Please note that these settings are intended for iOS 4.0 or greater. If you are running a previous version of iOS, you may need to update it before proceeding with setup.


​1.) Open Settings, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars, tap "Add Account...", and then tap Microsoft Exchange.

​2.) In the Email field, enter your full Babson email address. Leave the Domain field blank, under the Username field enter your full Babson email address, and under Password enter your Babson password.

Optional: Under Description, change the text to "Babson Email".

Tap Next.

​3.) If you entered your information correctly, your device will now verify your account. Once it has done so, in the Server field enter and tap Next.

​4.) Choose which items you want to sync with your Babson Google Apps account and then tap Save. If you have local contacts that are not in your Google Apps account, we do not recommend synchronizing contacts, as this may cause your local contacts to be deleted.

Note: Due to the way Apple devices sync with Gmail, if you delete an email from your phone, it will not be permanently deleted from your Babson Gmail. Instead, it will be archived and moved to All Mail.