Alumni Hall Printers

Note: You must be on-campus using Internet Explorer to install your printers.
Step 1: Select the Canon Multifunction Device (MFD) closest to you from the list below. This device will be set as your default printer.

Canon Printers

ID Number Queue Name Locaton Device
P401​ Alumni-P401-C3235Q Alumni Hall 207 IR3235i​
P400​ Alumni-P400-C3235Q Alumni Hall, nr 114 IR3235i​
P402​ Alumni-P402-C3235Q Alumni Hall, nr 108 IR3235i​
P403​ Alumni-P403-C5035Q Alumni Hall, nr 116 IR5035​
P490​ Alumni-P490-C1025Q Alumni Hall IR1025if​
P670​ Alumni-P670-C3235Q 2nd fl, Front Desk IR3235i​
P687​ Alumni-P687-C4080Q Alumni Hall, Rm 108​ IR4080​
Step 2: Click 'Open, then 'Run'. When the confirmation appears that you have installed the printer, click 'OK'.
Step 3: If needed, select any HP printer(s) that you require access to and repeat the process in step 2.  

HP Printers

ID Number Queue Name Location Device
P497​ Alumni-P497-H4200Q Alumni Hall 118​ HP Laserjet​
P493​ Alumni-P493-H4050Q Alumni Hall 2fl   HP Laserjet
​P668 Alumni-P668-H4600Q ​Outside Rm. 201 ​HP Laserjet
P695​ Alumni-P695-H601Q 1st Flr Mailroom​ HP Laserjet​