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Configure Public Printers - Babson-owned Computers

To connect to one of Babson's public network printers, find it in the list below and follow the instructions for that section.

Note: These links are only for computers that are owned by Babson and are a member of the Babson domain. If your computer is not a member of the Babson domain, click here.


Canon Multifunction Devices (MFDs)

Note: This must be done using from on-campus Internet Explorer.

To install one of the Canon MFDs, click on the corresponding link below then click 'Open, then 'Run'. When the confirmation appears that you have installed the printer, click 'OK'.

Horn Library & Computer Center Spooled Queue
Horn-ReleaseQA (Use this link for all three Canon MFD's in Horn)
Olin Hall Spooled Queue
Olin-ReleaseQA (Use this link for the Canon MFD's in Olin 008 and Olin 204)
Reynolds Campus Center Spooled Print Queue
Reynolds-ReleaseQA (Use this link for Canon MFD's in Reynolds across from the mail room)
Trim Dining Hall Spooled Print Queue
Trim-ReleaseQA (Use this link for the Canon MFD in the lobby of Trim Dining Hall)