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Connecting to the Babson Secured Network Using Mac OSX


Please  note: These instructions are for OS X 10.7. If you have Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8), just click on the AirPort icon and then click on babson, after giving it your username and password, it should connect.


1.) Click on Open Network Preferences...

2.) At the bottom of the screen, click on the Advanced... button.​

3.) Switch to the tab titled 802.1X and click the + button to Add User Profile.​

4.) Name the user profile babson, enter your Babson username in the User Name field, your Babson password in the Password field, and verify that the other settings look identical to the image on the left. Click OK.​

5.) Select the option to Join Other Network.​

6.) Enter the network name babson, choose WPA2 Enterprise as the Security type, and then choose WPA: babson from the 802.1X menu. The User Name and Password fields should populate automatically. Click Join. You should now be connected to the Babson Secured Network.​