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Blended and Online Learning​

BBended-Learning_at_BabsonBLG.pnglended learning is an educational approach that combines in-person classroom instruction with supplemental online activities. The online components might be synchronous (i.e. in “real time”) or asynchronous (i.e. participants do not need to be online at the same time). Examples of synchronous e-learning include: live video stream, webinars, and telepresence. Examples of asynchronous e-learning include: discussion boards, interactive presentations, creative videos, wiki cases, and lecture capture.

Blended Learning at Babson

At Babson, the Blended Learning Group is one of the groups housed under the Information Technology and Services Division (ITSD) umbrella. The Blended Learning Group (BLG) consists of instructional designers, instructional technologists, and graphic/presentation designers. This group acts as a consulting organization for the faculty with a focus on helping to transform standard courses into blended and online programs. This includes content creation, course design, faculty training, and researching innovative technologies and approaches to learning. While the Fast Track MBA program continues to be the largest curriculum the BLG works on, there has been a tremendous increase in blended and online learning in all of the offerings at Babson. The growth of blended and online programs in higher education is mirrored at Babson College. This group strives to innovate the curriculum and incorporate appropriate technologies to advance graduate, undergraduate, and executive-level education at Babson.