Before posting a PDF to a page—determine if it really is the most appropriate method for accomplishing your goals. Most of the time, creating a new web page is a more effective option.

Is the PDF a form? Is the end user expected to:

  • Download and print the PDF, fill out the form, then mail or fax it back?
  • Download and complete the fom using Adobe Reader (or comparable PDF reader), then email it back?
  • Is a signature required?
  • After the completed form is returned, is the data then transferred into a database, or filed as a hard copy?

Creation (or Revision) Date, Job and Version Numbers

PDFs uploaded by departments other than Marketing should have a version number and revision date, on the last page in the footer.

Example: Ver 1.2 Rev 4/22/10

if there is a significant reworking of a piece it is expected that the version number would increase from 1.X to 2.0 with minor changes moving from 1.1 to 1.2 etc.

PDFs created by Marketing should have a creation date or revision date, a job or reference number, and a version number. The format is as follows:


MM/YY Creation/revision date: Two-digit month, forward slash, two-digit year
MKT-XXXX JIRA reference number
vX.X Version number

File Naming