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SharePoint Instructions: Website CMS Documentation Site

Welcome to the online guide to everything you need to know on SharePoint to edit pages. If you prefer watching a video to the text and screenshots shared in this documentation site, video documentation is also available. The timestamps below follow the  topic outline of the video:

  • 0:00 - How to Log In

  • 3:45 - Creating a Page

  • 16:54 - Formatting Text Styles

  • 23:49 - Inserting Links

  • 31:45 - Inserting Documents and Images

  • 40:52 - Editing Page Properties

  • 44:55 - Importance of Page Properties on Search

  • 48:03 - Saving a Page

In addition to this documentation site, the Marketing team is available for your website support needs. You can submit a simple request via our support form for assistance and/or for personal one-on-one training.