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SharePoint Instructions: Website CMS Documentation Site

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the guide to everything you need to know on SharePoint to edit pages.

First Things First

This subsite is meant to be helpful, but only if you use it right. Look to the left navigation pane for general topics. Use our glossary for a list of all subject matters. While using SharePoint try not to break anything and don't forget to thank the nameless Digs intern who made this guide available for you.

If you prefer watching a video to screenshots, this video is also available for you to see how to do all these things:

  • 0:00 - How to Log In

  • 3:45 - Creating a Page

  • 16:54 - Formatting Text Styles

  • 23:49 - Inserting Links

  • 31:45 - Inserting Documents and Images

  • 40:52 - Editing Page Properties

  • 44:55 - Importance of Page Properties on Search

  • 48:03 - Saving a Page

Web Writing Basic Principles

  • Try to keep your paragraphs under 60 words.

  • When you have a list, think about using bullets.

  • If something is important, think about doing a pull quote or setting it off with bold.

  • Don't publish 8000 words on one page. Feel free to consult our team on how to better structure your page or pages.

TIP: Save your work frequently and remember to "Check In" all pages at the end of the day to make sure you don't lose edits.