​​How to Login to SharePoint​

Google Chrome is our preferred browser to access and edit through SharePoint. You may also use Internet Explorer to do most tasks.

Step 1

Visit the Login page at http://www.babson.edu/Pages/login.aspx then enter:

  • username = jsmith (your Babson username)
  • password = •••••••• (your network password)

Screenshot Login

Step 2

After you have logged in, you will see a bright blue SharePoint bar (with your username in the top right corner) appear at the top of your browser. Navigate to the webpage you want to work on and you will then see a gear icon appear in the top right next to your username. The editing tools are available via that icon's dropdown.

Note: You will only see the gear icon (and thus the editing options) in the top right corner of the page when you are in sections that you have access to.​

For some users’ settings, in order to see the admin tools, you may also need to select the gear icon and then "Show Ribbon."

Screenshot Show Ribbon​​​