​How to Save and Publish

Publishing is the ultimate form of making your completed work public. As soon as you publish, the world will see the changes you made to your page.

Step 1: Save

Once you have finished editing, click on "Save" to save your work and close editing mode. The page will remain checked out to you.

Note: You must complete the action of saving your work before publishing the page, or all of your changes may not be applied.

Save and Close

Step 2: Check In

Checking in a page after you have saved your work will allow others (who have access) to edit the page before the world sees it. For example, if Mike has just finished editing a page, he can now Check In the page so that his boss Mary can see and edit the page before deciding to publish it.

Check In

Step 3: Publish

Once you have verified that you want the world to see your work, select “Publish."​ Leave a comment that describes what edits you made to the page (e.g. updated dates of deadlines, added new photo, etc.).