How to Create a New Faculty Profile

Step 1:

Navigate to the Faculty Profiles subsite.

Screenshot Faculty Profiles 

Step 2:

If you are logged in, go to Site Actions dropdown and select New Page.

Screenshot New Page 

Step 3:

A New Page dialog box will appear. Enter the page name using the site standards:

  • Use all lower case letters

  • No special characters like @, &, *, et. al.

  • Use the faculty member’s last name, then first name – no middle name or initial – e.g. “smith john”

  • SharePoint will automatically place a hyphen (“-“) between words to eliminate spaces

Press the Create button.

Screenshot New Page Confirmation 


SharePoint will take you directly into the page you’ve created and you’ll be in Edit mode.

Screenshot Editing 

Step 4:

You now need to change the layout of the page so that it fits the Faculty Profiles format. Go to Page > Page Layouts and select Faculty Bio page layout.

Screenshot Edit Layout 


Step 5:

Add the page header image by clicking on the “Click here to insert a picture from SharePoint” link in the “Page Image” field. In the resulting box, select the “Browse” button to navigate to the correct image.

Screenshot Edit Image Header 

Navigate to the Images folder under the very top folder in your section, in this case Faculty > Images. Click on the correct header image–in most cases this will be the L4-header and hit the OK button to save. Do not enter anything in the Alternate Text area in the next box, just hit OK.

Screenshot Select Image Header 


Step 6:

Enter the specific faculty information into the fields in the page:

  • First Name

  • Middle Name

  • Last Name

  • Faculty Official Title (will appear in green italics)

  • Faculty Status (will appear as regular text)

  • Page Content 1 = descriptive paragraphs

  • Faculty Profile Picture

  • Faculty Education

  • Academic Division (can select more than one)

  • Areas of Expertise (open a support ticket if you need new items listed)

  • Contact Phone

  • Contact Email

Screenshot Faculty Profile 

Hit “Save and Close” at the top of the page to make sure your edits are saved.


Step 7:

Update the Short Title and Long Title fields under Edit Properties so you will be able to publish the page. Go to Page tab and select Edit Properties under the Edit Properties icon.

Screenshot Edit Properties 


Step 8:

SharePoint will prefill the Short Title with the page name (e.g. “smith-john”) and your name as Owner. These following 5 Properties fields should be corrected/filled:

  • Short Title (page title, e.g. John Smith)

  • Long Title (page title | section title, e.g. John Smith | Faculty)

  • Meta Description (sentence of 165 words maximum, e.g. John Smith is a faculty member of the Marketing Division at Babson College.)

  • Owner (blank unless you know the owner)

  • Babson Tags (e.g. Faculty, Marketing Division, etc.)

Screenshot Edit Properties 


Screenshot Edit Properties 

Press the Save button once you are done.


Step 9:

Save and Publish the page by selecting the Publish tab and the Publish button. After publishing, the page will be visible to all users. No other user will be able to see the page until it is published for the first time.

Screenshot Publish 

Once the page has been published, the faculty member will appear in the Faculty Listing page search tool.


Step 10:

The Faculty Profile is now automatically added to the Division Faculty page; the only exception is the TOIM Division which needs have its profile links added manually. If the faculty member who's profile you are creating is in the TOIM Division please visit the division page and follow instructions on How to Create a Link.