How to Create a New Sub Site

Step 1:

Once you’ve logged in, use the ribbon to navigate to the Manage Content and Structure page by clicking the gear next to your name and selecting Site Settings.

Select Site Settings

Select Content and Structure

Select Content and Structure

Step 2:

Navigate to the site within which you would like to create a sub site.

Hover over the parent site > Click arrow for dropdown menu > New > Site

Screenshot New Subsite

Step 3:

Title your new subsite, use your new title as the url (lowercase letters separated by hyphens).

Screenshot Subsite Title

Step 4:

Hover over your new “default” page > click on the arrow for the drop down menu > Edit Page Settings

Screenshot Edit Page Settings

Step 5:

This is you new subsite’s homepage, its name mut be changed from “default” to “home”

Screenshot Edit URL

Step 6:

Your new subsite has now been created. Make sure you visit our instructions on how to create a new page before you begin working.

Step 7:

If the page has been successfully published but you can’t see it in the left side navigation after refreshing the page, you may need to change the navigation settings. Below the instructions are outlined briefly, if you need more detailed instructions you visit our guide.

  • Navigate to the specific page or section
  • Select Site Settings
  • On the Settings Page select Look and Feel > Navigation
  • In the Current Navigation section, make sure the settings are:
    • Display the current site... [radio button selected]
    • Show subsites [box checked]
    • Show pages [box checked]
    • In the Navigation Editing and Sorting section you should see all pages listed
  • Click on OK to save the settings