​Responsive Table Markup

Resize the browser window to see the responsive table in action.

​​The table must use class responsive-table responsive-table--matrix (<table class="responsive-table responsive-table--matrix">)​

You'll need to use both the 'thead' and 'tbody' tags to define the header and body sections of the table. All of the cells in the 'thead' section should be 'th' instead of 'td'. Also, the first cell of each 'tbody' row should have a 'th' as well.​


One-Year MBA

Two-Year MBA

Evening MBA

Blended Learning MBA

Master of Science in Accounting

Master in Entrepreneurial Leadership

Program StructureSuited for those with a strong academic foundation in business and a career-track that demands an accelerated, full-time MBA experience.Ideal for individuals who need a comprehensive business focus to redirect their careers and want a full-time campus experience.Ideal for working professionals who seek a part-time MBA that allows flexibility to accommodate professional or personal demands.Favorable to those seeking a part-time MBA that allows for increased flexibility through a blend of Web-based and face-to-face sessions.Prepares graduates for public accounting careers in a dynamic global profession.Prepares leaders who both assess and act their way into new opportunities that create value for themselves, their organizations, and the wider society.
Program TypeFull-TimeFull-TimePart-TimePart-TimeFull-TimeFull-Time