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How to Edit and Style a Page

Step 1: Getting the Tools

  1. Unlock and open the page you want to edit.
  2. Select the "Page" tab to view editing tools.
  3. Select "Edit" to both Check Out the file and open for editing.
  4. Editing tools will now be displayed in the ribbon.

Step 2: Adding Content from a Word Document

  1. First go to Text Fixer
  2. Paste the contents of your Word doc into the Text Fixer converter.
  3. Press the "Convert Word to HTML" button.
    Once you have converted your Word doc you should see HTML tags like <p> and </p>.
  4. To enter your newly context text in SharePoint, select the "HTML > Edit HTML Source" button.
  5. Copy the converted text from the Text Fixer window and paste it into the HTML Source window.
  6. Press "OK."

Step 3: Formatting Text

  1.  Before doing any other formatting, highlight all your text and select the "Styles > Body Text" dropdown. You won't see any visible changes, but this will set the text up with the correct base style.
    Screenshot Clear Formatting
  2. To format a header, highlight the text to be formatted then go to "Markup Styles > H#"
    Screenshot Edit Header

    Note: Your page title should use the H1 header style and that is the only use of H1 on the page. Header tags (H2, H3, H2, H4, and H5) should be used to create hierarchy within a content page. Always use H2 for the first subhead level, use H3 for sub-topics of H2, H4 for sub-topics of H3, etc..

Step 4: Save and Keep Editing

Screenshot Save and Keep Editing


Tip: Frequently select the "Save & Close > Save and Keep Editing" dropdown to make sure you don't lose your work.