Inserting Text

Text can be copied and pasted into the body of your page or it can be inserted by editing the HTML code. 

Copying Text from Word

Step 1:

In your Word document, select all of the text you would like to insert into the page, and then select the Clear Formatting button. Note that this will strip all formatting including italics and bolding. If you do no want this to occur, use an external application to convert the Word document to HTML (instructions can be found below).

Clear Formatting 

Step 2:

In the "Page Content 1" area of your page, "right click" and select "Paste as plain text" to insert the text into the page. Now you're all set to style your text as needed.

Paste as Plain Text

Preserving Some Formatting

TextFixer or Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML are free online word converter tools that will take the contents of a .doc or .docx file and convert the text into HTML code. How is it different from copying and pasting directly from Word? It attempts to preserve some formatting like bolding or italics in the conversion process.

Step 1:

Select All, and Copy and Paste your text into the converter box.

Step 2:

Click Convert Word to HTML. You should now see your text as code with things such as <p> tags denoting paragraph breaks.

Step 3:

Select All, and Copy and Paste your text into the HTML code within "Edit Source." If your page is currently empty, you can just Paste it all directly in. If your page already has pre-existing content you must find exactly where in the code your new text needs to sit before you can Paste it in.​​​​