Upload PDF Files

Use this guide to upload a document from your computer to SharePoint.

Before You Begin

If your document was created in Microsoft Word, Excel, or any other word processor it should be saved as a PDF. Please use PDF Creator in your printing tools or Save As a PDF.

If you plan to use a Word or Excel document as a form with the idea that users will download it, fill it out and email it back, a better option is to create an PDF form (instructions for creating a PDF form can be found through Babson’s free Lynda.com account), or you can contact the Marketing Department and request that an online form be built specifically for your needs.

If you absolutely must upload a Word document, it needs to be saved as a Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc) type instead of the Word Document (*.docx) type​. This is because SharePoint requires a user login to download *docx documents but not *.doc documents.

File naming conventions

All documents and images should be renamed using the following conventions:

  • Use all lower case letters
  • Use hyphens between words
  • Make the name concise, but understandable since filenames are indexed by search engines

E.g. a file named BabsonCollegFSPDF.pdf which has the actual title of “Audited Financial Statements” should be saved as “audited-financial-statements.pdf”

Word of Warning:

Although tempting, do not use the Upload File feature found under Insert > Links > Upload File; it only complicates things.

Uploading Files

Step 1

Navigate to the page on the site where you want to add a link to a document.

Step 2

At the top right of the page click the gear icon to open the dropdown menu and select Site Contents.

Step 3

On the Site Contents screen, click the Documents icon.


Step 4

On the Documents screen, click new document to upload a single file, or drag multiple files on to the screen.

New Document

Step 5

For single files, click Browse to browse your files to find the document for upload. Select the file, click Open, then click OK.

Add a Document

Click Save

Save Document

Step 6

After the file(s) have been uploaded, click the checkbox to the left of the filename to select it.


In the ribbon click Files, and in the Open & Check Out section, click Check In.

Ribbon Check In

On the Check In screen, select the radio button for Major version (publish) and click OK.

Publish Major Version

SharePoint will save the file and take you back to the Documents directory. To add links to your documents to your page, see instructions on Inserting Links.​​​​​​​​