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Upload Files

Use this guide to upload a document or image from your computer to SharePoint. The instructions for Uploading Multiple Files can also be used for uploading a single file, it is just a little slower.
Before You Begin:
If your document was created in Word or any other word processor it should be saved as a PDF. Please use PDF Creator in your printing tools to Save As a PDF. The only exception would be a Word document that requires the user to download a form and type in information.

All documents and images should be renamed using the following conventions:

  • Use all lower case letters
  • Use hyphens between words
  • Make name concise, but understandable since filenames are indexed by search engines

E.g. BabsonCollegFSPDF.pdf will become audited-financial-statements-2007.pdf

Word of Warning:
Although tempting, do not use the Upload File feature found under Editing Tools > Insert > Upload File; it only complicates things.

Uploading Files

Step 1:

Navigate to the page on the site where you want to add a link to a document or insert an image.


Step 2:

Navigate to the Documents (or Images) folder for your subsite by selecting Site Actions > Manage Content and Structure.

Screenshot Manage Content and Structure

Step 3:

In the file system, confirm you are in the correct subsite and open the Documents (or Images) folder.

Screenshot Select Folder

Step 4:

Select New > Item in the Documents (or Images) folder.

 Screenshot Upload Item

Step 5:

Browse your files to find document or image for upload. Check the “Add as a new version to existing files” box if you are uploading a file with the same name as an existing file and you want to replace the original. Select OK once you’ve highlighted the correct document.

Screenshot Upload Selection 


If you wish to Add Multiple Files, just click on the link to do so. You may choose to drag and drop your files into the blue box that appears or you may browse for the files as you would an email attachment.

Screenshot Drop and Drop 

Once you are happy with your selection, click OK. You will see the files upload, then click Save (if you are uploading a single file) or Done (if you are uploading multiple files). 


Step 6:

SharePoint will save the file and take you back to the Documents (or Images) directory. How you add the file onto your page now varies on its type. Navigate to your page and then follow either of these two guides: for images, see instructions for Inserting Images and proceed to the section "From SharePoint;" for documents, see instructions on Inserting Links