​Web Parts

Web parts are an integral part to any dynamic page. They hold the content in the left and right columns, or under the main content area of our Babson SharePoint pages. Use this page as a two-step guide to getting started but then navigate to the appropriate page for specific instructions on individual implementation.

Step 1:

To add a web part, go into the editing mode, and under the "Auxiliary Zone" (left), the "Auxiliary Sub Zone" (right), or the "Main Zone" (center) click "Add a Web Part."

Screenshot Add Web Part 

If you wish to add a web part to the main content area. Click on the area where you would like to insert the web part and select "Web Part" from the main editing window.

Insert Web Part

This selector should appear under your Editing Tools:

Screenshot Choose Web Part 

Step 2:

Now navigate to the appropriate folder and select the web part you need. For instructions on individual web parts usage, please follow the links in the navigation to our most commonly used web parts.

Step 3:

Always remember to set the width of your web parts to 220px if they are in the left or right columns. This is crucial as web parts have a tendency to want to "bloat" into your main content area.​​