Random Image on Refresh

Managing the Image List Associated with the Random Image on Refresh Web Part

Log in to SharePoint at http://www.babson.edu/Pages/login.aspx

Open the page containing the Random Image on Refresh Web Part

In the Ribbon at the top of the page click Site Actions > Manage Content and Structure

Locate the image list in the subsite and click to open.

Note: the image list you will be working with is not the list named “Images”—it will have been created specifically to work with this instance of the Random Image on Refresh web part and will (hopefully) have been named something logical, like "students" if the web part is rotating images of students.


Add an Image to the List

Click New > Item


Click Browse, find and select the image, then click OK

Fill in the fields on the Image Upload Screen. At a minimum, in the LinkedUrl section type the Web address and description.

Set the Target section dropdown to _blank

Click Save

Remove an Image from the List

Hover over the image filename to Open Menu and click the down triangle

Click Delete


To delete multiple images select the checkboxes next to the filenames

Click Actions > Delete


Update/Replace an Existing Image or Link

Images cannot be replaced—to update an image the original must be deleted and a new one uploaded

Links (LinkedUrl field) can be updated by hovering over the image filename to Open Menu and clicking the down triangle

Click Edit Properties


Update the link URL and click Save