Text and Images

Having text and/or images appear in any of the web parts is easy, all you need to use is the Content Editor web part and it becomes much like your Page Content area. 

Step 1:

There are two ways to add a web part to a page. If inserting a webpart into a "zone" (eg left sidebar, right sidebar, main zone) click "Add a Web Part" within that zone. In the drop down select Media and Content > Content Editor, and click Add.​

If you would like to add a web part to the main content area click Insert > Add a Web Part > Media and Content > Content Editor, and click Add.

Insert Web Part 

Step 2:

Once your web part has appeared, click on the "Click here to add new content" message."

Step 3:

You will now be able to type text if you want to display a message. If you would like to add an image, under Editing Tools select Insert > Picture > From SharePoint. This should be intuitive if you have already read our guide on Inserting Images.

Step 4:

Go back to the page where you want to add the video web part. In editing mode, select Add a Web Part > Forms > HTML Form Web Part, click Add. Once your web part has appeared, from the drop down menu select "Edit Web Part."

Screenshot Add a Form Web Part 

Step 5:

Now you just need to configure how your web part looks. If you would like a title to appear, change the default "Content Editor" to something you like. If you do not need a title, change the Chrome Type to "None." Click OK and you're done!