Videos are fun. Whether you are sharing it from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video-hosting website, videos are ideally placed in web parts separate from the main content area.

Step 1:

Go to the site where your video is located, in this example we will be using YouTube but the steps are essentially the same for other video-hosting sites. Under the video, find the "Share" button.

Screenshot Embed YouTube Video 

Step 2:

Under Share, select "Embed" and then change the custom size so that the first number is 220 (if you are using a left or right sidebar web part) or 456 (if you are using a main zone web part). The height of the video should automatically scale itself down. Unselect "Show suggested videos when the video finishes."

Step 3:

Copy the code displayed in the dialogue box.

Step 4:

Go back to the page where you want to add the video web part. In editing mode, select Add a Web Part > Forms > HTML Form Web Part, click Add. Once your web part has appeared, from the drop down menu select "Edit Web Part.

Screenshot Add a Form Web Part 

Step 5:

Select "Source Editor..." A pop-up window should open. Delete all the existing code and Paste the code from YouTube to replace everything. Click Save to close the pop-up.

Screenshot Web Part Source Editor 

Step 6:

Now you just need to configure how your web part looks. If you would like a title to appear for your video, change the default "HTML Form Web Part" to something you like. If you do not need a title, change the Chrome Type to "None." Make sure to set the width to either 220px or 456px depending on where your web part is. Click OK and you're done!



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