​​LCD Screens

There are a number of LCD screens in various buildings around campus. In order to have information posted on these screens, you need to do the following:

  1. Save your PowerPoint as a jpg. with the take-down date at the end.
    • Topic_take_down_date.jpg (LCDGuidelines_3_24_14.jpg)
  2. PowerPoints for LCD postings are due to the various LCD mangers (see listing below)
​LCD Location​Manager
​Horn Library
Olin Graduate School​
Gerber, Hollister, Horn Lobby, Park Manor West, ​Reynolds, Tomasso, and Trim
​Lunder Admissions Center
​Babson Executive Conference Center
​Babson classroom in Boston Innovation District

Helpful Guidelines

  1. Use a wide screen PowerPoint to build your LCD Screen
  2. If you would like to use Babson brand guidelines they can be found at www.babson.edu/marketing​
  3. Use photos to enhance your slide
  4. Simple and short messages
    • The slide is up on the screen for 10 seconds (think of the slide as a billboard)
    • No long URLs (remember your audience cannot click the URL and must type the URL in a browser)
      • If call to action is a URL, push people to the Hub or department pages and list the link there
  5. Remember your audience